Care of ropes and safety of use

The following recommandations will assist you to extend the service life of ropes, but also to increase the safety of use of the ropes.


Protect the rope against direct contact with rough surfaces, sharp edges, chemical effects and high temperatures.


Ropes with spliced eyes or ropes connected with splicing decrease the breking strength only by 10% whereas knots decrease strength by 25-55%


If possible, store the ropes in a clean and dry conditions, protected from direct sunlight.


Aviod sharp bends of the the rope when under tension, as this stresses only about half of the fibres.


The mamaximum abrasion of the ropes occurs in places that were exposed to friction and abrasion for a long time. Therefore it is suitable to check these places and to change the position of the rope regulary in order to provide for uniform stress. The most exposed places are those being in contact with cleats, hawse holes, pulleys, etc.


Never stand in the direction of the rope tension. If the rope breaks, the released energy can cause severe injuries.

07. Load curves on stretching for new and used ropes




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