About us

TKV d.o.o. - Zadar is the legitimate successor of “Otočanka” - Zadar, which was founded in 1958. The rope and cord factory became a company in its own right in public ownership in 1989. and in the process of privatisation was registered as a joint-stock company in 1992.

By restructuring the production program adjusted to the needs of a modern market, the company has adapted itself to the requirements of customers and is doing business on a profitable basis. The production range consisting of about 200 products adjusted to the needs of shipbuilding, fishing and the petroleum industry has found its place in the international market, so a large part of the production is exported.

The company is located in an exceptionally favorable location in the industrial zone of the city of Zadar, across from the new ferry quay and near the Zagreb - Zadar highway. There are many new possibilities open to the company for development of new programs, a duty-free zone, joint venture etc.

The production program of the company is divided into the retail line, comprising consumer goods, and the wholesale line, custom-made products, and specialised applications in shipbuilding, fishing, nautical science, agriculture, the meat industry, forestry, packing etc.


  • nautical program (braided ropes of all profiles)
  • twisted ropes made of polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene
  • natural fibre twisted ropes of hemp, sisal, cotton and jute
  • braided ropes made of polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene
  • round braided, helical braided, square braided
  • impregnated natural fibre twisted ropes
  • lead braided ropes
  • floating braided ropes
  • cargo lifting slings
  • fenders, bow fenders, stem fenders, bowsprit protection of synthetic material and sisal
  • diaphragm-bags for olive-oil processing
  • heli deck rope nets
  • rope ladders - Jacob’s ladders
  • personnel transporting helicopter bags - according to order
  • sisal agriculture cord
  • polypropilen twine for agriculture
  • sisal cordage and packaging twines

For the ropes the certificates of the control classification companies (The CROATIAN REGISTER OF SHIPS) or the ATTEST - factory cer tificate of product quality are provided.